Houston Roofing Repair


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Houston Roofing Repair Services

Houston residents can count on us for a full range of roofing services from minor leak repairs to complete renovations involving demolishing the old roof and replacing it with a new one. We provide Houston residents and property managers with complete roofing services including:

• Houston roofing inspections
• Leaking roof repair service
• Shingle repair and shingle replacement
• Structural roof repairs
• Temporary roofing repairs such as cover ups
• Roof installations (new construction and remodels)
• Roof design service
• Roof removal
• Roof disposal

No matter which roofing service you need, we deliver exceptional roofing services, provide reliable roofing repairs, and ensure friendly, professional service on each roofing repair, service, or installation that we handle in Houston and surrounding Texas cities.

Emergency Roofing Repair in Houston
We also offer emergency roofing repair in Houston. If your home or business’s roof is in such a state where you need roofing repairs and you need them now, contact us immediately for the fastest response. We do our best to prioritize repairs based on urgency and offer interim roofing services (such as cover-ups) to secure your roof before the damage worsens. Extreme weather conditions may prevent us from venturing out as quickly as you would like, but as soon as it is safe, our work crews are committed to helping Houston’s property owners secure their roofs in the fastest manner possible.

We emphasize the qualities that made us successful in the first place: friendly service, exceptional roofing services, and reliable roofing repair. Houston has counted on us for over 20 years, and so can you. We plan on delivering quality roofing repair services for many years to come.